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Careful! Things That Kills Your Website Rank!

Careful! Things That Kills Your Website Rank!

Do You Know! 6000 website are added to Google’s black list every day includes,

  • 4814 spam pages
  • 428 spam domains
  • 483 malicious sites
  • 275 others

First ten pages 15% of the search results are malicious.

These Thing kills your website Rank

Doorway pages: Doorway page is stuffed with keywords and incoherent text while the page that Human is led to is actually readable.

Hidden Text: Making text or links the same colour as the background of the website or very close to it.  Creating an image file the same color as the text and setting the image file as the background.

Content Scraping: created using programs designed to “ scrape search engine”  result pages to create content for a website.

Cloaking: Misleading search engine robots into assuming the content of a page is more relevant to improve search engine ranking. While the audience reading the site sees the information differently.

Link spam: a way of getting links to the websites of your choice through the use of automated software.

Keyword stuffing: Calculated placement of keywords within a page to raise the keyword count.

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