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OnPage SEO Tutorial Part 4 – Local Search Optimization

OnPage SEO Tutorial Part 4 – Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization – OnPage SEO Tutorial Part 4

1. Include the local information you want customers to know on the main pages of your site.

Spotlight your business name, local address and local land line phone number (no cell phone!) in the footer of each page. This will help your business rank better for local and mobile searches.

Tip: If you have multiple locations then you need to create a unique page for each location with unique content and each location’s local contact details.

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2. Use Google Webmaster tools to associate a geographic location with your site.

Set up a Google Webmaster account for the site you run, and specify which country you are targeting:

  1. Click on Tools.
  2. Set Geographic Target.
  3. Associate a geographic location with this site.
  4. Select the Country or Region you want to target.

Note: This feature is restricted to those sites with a given country code top-level domain.

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3. Add Rich Snippet markups for local search.

Rich Snippets are search results with enhancements like pictures, reviews, prices, events, show times, phone numbers, addresses and even recipes. Beyond improving the presentation of your pages in search results, rich snippets also help users find your site when it references a local place.

Use structured markup to help Google identify the places mentioned on your site. If your site contains reviews or other information about businesses and organizations, then the structured markup helps precisely correlate your pages with the place mentioned.

All the search engines have agreed to support microdata, as the way to code your rich snippets.

Microdata uses simple attributes in HTML tags (often <span> or <div>) to assign brief and descriptive names to items and properties.

You can see all available and supported markups here on Schema.org

 Note: Be sure to use the Rich Snippets Testing Tool to check that Google can correctly parse your structured data markup and display it in search results.

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