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Participate With 94% Organic Search Results on Google

Participate With 94% Organic Search Results on Google

The time has come to join the SEO revolution and rise up against the antiquated tactics of our search forefathers, blazing a path toward more effective holistic SEO strategies. Users click on organic results 94% of the time, leaving heavily funded paid search campaigns accountable for only 6%

We are the 94% and we demand a better way to optimize websites.

We hold these SEO truths to be self evident.

  1. That the foundation of traditional SEO lies in onsite content link building and a crawlable site.
  2. That search strategies have involved including social media, engagement and analytics.

Onsite SEO

  • Content
  • Linking
  • Architecture
  • Social Media
  • Engagement
  • Analytics

Social Media

Sharing of content on social networking platforms and social signals are major influences on search engine algorithm rankings.

  • 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media campaigns.
  • 79% of these are generating more quality leads.
  • Social Media and blogs reach 80% of the 245 million active US internet users.
  • We offer wonderful social media management services for small and medium business to grow online. You can avail it.

Where marketers spend social media efforts

  • 88% Facebook
  • 83% Twitter
  • 55% Google plus
  • 49% YouTube
  • 47% Linkedin
  • 47% Blogging
  • 21% Pinterest
  • 9% StumbleUpon
  • 5% Tumbler
  • 5% Flickr


Onsite interaction: search engine ranking factors include relevant onsite signals. 93% of internet marketers use Google analytics to provide specific metrics of post click engagement.

  • Visits / Page Views
  • Repeat visits
  • Conversion rates
  • # of followers / friends
  • Web mentions
  • Shares / likes/ +1


Metrics that matter: Business ROI justifies SEO spend.

  • 57% of respondents reported using conversion tracking to improve ROI
  • 41% Employed A/B or multivate testing
  • 24% Implemented multi channel attribution

Capture the 94%

Search is no longer restricted to a query box. SEO services are more necessary than ever before. We demand more resources allocated so search marketer can do their job.

The demand for SEO services and technology is growing every year. SEO technology market will exceed $600 million in the US along by 2016.

With the release of two major updates to Google’s algorithm high quantity / low quality content and paid links are no longer sustainable SEO tactics.

Panda: Released in Feb 2012

  • Penalizes sites with thin content
  • Dismisses sites with high ad content ratios
  • Crack down on content frames

Total search queries affected – 12%

Penguin: Released in May 2012

  • Punishes over-optimized title tags
  • Tackles exact mach anchor text and domains
  • Calls out bad link profiles
  • Busts keyword stuffing

Total search queries affected – 3%

The 94% Declaration

All ranking factors are not created equal but are endowed by their SEO marketers with certain unalienable rights.

  •  The creation of onsite relevancy
  • The building of Offsite authority
  • The improvement of post click engagement
  • The leveraging of ROI driven analytics

We are the 94% percent and we demand a better way to optimize


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